I've been training with Dom regularly for over 2 years now and it's been great. Not only I have seen significant improvements in different aspects of my health and fitness, he always makes it fun and enjoyable and something I look forward to. He is very knowledgeable, courteous and good to work with. The variety of training methods that we have worked on has provided well rounded fitness for me.

Avishek D.

I have been working out with Alysa for three years now, and she is the best! Now we are winning competitions!

Marisol A.

Really great coaching. Very knowledgeable and experienced. Seeing a lot of improvement.

Aakanksha P.

I have been training with Dom for almost three years. Every week, we do something new, so workouts are never boring. He is great at injury prevention and corrective exercises.

Alexa D.

Alysa at Dynamic Core Fitness is absolutely amazing. She really focuses on your personal goals and creates a program that not only allows you to achieve those goals, but exceed them. I would recommend her to anyone looking to change their life for the better.

Ambria C.

I have been training with the owner Domonique a couple of years now at Dynamic Core Fitness and I am extremely happy with what I've learned and my results. He goes way above just being a regular trainer like I've dealt with in the past where trainers just put me on different machines and tell me how many reps to do. Not only does Domonique break down each exercise and the impact it has on each muscle, he also makes sure he rehab each area that is worked that day to ensure I don't hurt myself. He also guides me on my nutrition, even down to the best water I need to be drinking. He takes the time each and every time to make sure I have the correct form. I also love that a lot of my workouts consist of resistant bands for strength, power, and balance. Even my flexibility and endurance has gotten so much better. Never the same exercise so I'm never bored...also sometimes we are in the gym, or at the park. I don't see me ending my trainings anytime soon as it goes way beyond weight loss.

Charlene T.